Financing Mining Equipment 

Business Case: Mining Operation 

Mining operations entail existing mines that produce mineral commodities to an established commodity market via the main processes of mining (underground and ir opencast), mineral processing, mine infrastructure and logistics. To remain competitive, mines must be profitable and be sustainable. Mining operations require a regular recapitalization of the equipment to produce at competitive rates or expand operations:

  • Mining equipment
  • Mineral processing plants
  • Logistics
  • Mine infrastructure installations including power and water



There are a variety of financing options available to finance mining operations.   They include a single or combination of financing options, pending the nature of the mining business case:

  • Equipment financing
  • EPC contractor financing
  • A debt facility
  • Royalty or streaming finance
  • Offtake finance
  • A corporate bond   


Our Services:

MX Mining Capital Advisors:

  • Analyses the mine operations business case
  • Selects the appropriate mining capital type or combination of mining capital to fund the mining operation
  • Approaches the selected mining capital fund
  • Coordinates the due diligence process 
  • Negotiates the financing term sheet on behalf of the client  
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