Financing Mine Development 

Business Case: Mine Development: 

A mine is developed in a structured process from exploration, feasibility studies and licencing, construction to operations. For advanced mining projects, exploration has been completed and there is a signed off geological model and mine plan, there is a market for the mineral commodity, all licences are in place or in progress, the mine design is complete (mining, processing, infrastructure, logistics), there is a professional team to execute the project and there is an implementation plan.  Mining capital is required to commence with construction of the mine, including ordering of equipment and appointment of contractors. A strong business case will enable the project to be financed.



There are a variety of financing options available to finance mine development projects.  They include a single or combination of financing options, pending the nature of the mining business case:

  • Farm in finance
  • Equity finance
  • Listing or reverse listing
  • Project finance
  • Development finance
  • A debt facility
  • An insurance wrapped debt facility 
  • Royalty or streaming finance
  • Offtake finance
  • A corporate bond
  • EPC contractor finance
  • Equipment finance

Our Services 

MX Mining Capital Advisors:

  • Analyses the mine development business case
  • Selects the appropriate mining capital type or combination of mining capital to fund the mine development project
  • Approaches the selected mining capital fund
  • Coordinates the due diligence process 
  • Negotiates the financing term sheet on behalf of the client  
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