Mining Business Case for Capital 

From Mineral in the Ground to Market 


Only a strong mining business case will be able secure mining capital. The mining business case is the process from mineral in the ground to market.  It is generic for all commodities:


The Mining Business Case entails:


  • Reserves: The economic mineable portion of a mineral resource in a geological model
  • Mining: The presence of a mine plan and schedule, the mining method and cost of mining    
  • Mineral processing: The process of extracting and processing minerals to produce mineral product
  • Infrastructure: Power, water, tailings dam, water reticulation system, buildings, access road  
  • Logistics: The logistics path of the mineral product to the market, depending on the commodity via road, rail, ship or plane
  • Customer:  The presence of a market and an off-take agreement for the mineral product  
  • Sustainability: The mining project or operation being environmentally compliant; positive relationship of the mine with the community 
  • Licencing: The mining project has all the required licenses in place to enable mining
  • Team: A skilled and experienced mining team
  • Implementation plan: The presence of a structured plan to implement the project 
  • Legal: Agreements with shareholders, contractors, funders, offtakers, surface rights holder, community
  • Economic analysis: An economic model with production and revenues, capital costs, operating costs, cashflows, NPV, IRR and payback calculations


The mining business case is developed via the following steps:

  • Exploration
  • Feasibility study and licencing
  • Mine design
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Operation


Our Services: 

MX Mining Capital Advisors:


  • Analyses the existing mining business case of the client with regards to its ability to attract and secure mining capital
  • Identifies shortcomings of the business case
  • Develops solutions of a technical, legal, commercial or human nature together with the client that will improve the ability to secure mining capital  
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